After my final game against Northwood in 1993

My name is Andy Losik and as a former Charger (43), son of a former Dale from the Muddy years, and 1994 Hillsdale alum I launched Chargerblue.com in 1998 as little more than a list of links to the then tiny amount of Hillsdale Football information available online. Constantly evolving and using the latest technology, the site has grown in popularity to the point where it receives thousands of visits per week during the football season.

Each week Charger, GLIAC, and NCAA Division II fans can read my blog and tune in to live audio and video for most games.

During my playing days at Hillsdale, I became the “Rudy” of the program. Attending college on an academic scholarship, I quickly realized that my size and speed weren’t going to put me on too many all-conference lists. I think my work in the weight room and some good luck is all that kept me alive. But, a love for the game and a love for the great tradition that is Hillsdale Football wouldn’t let me quit. The scout team became my team and I did all I could to help the program from within that role.

1993 was my senior season and coincidentally the release of the movie “Rudy”. Admittedly, my road was not nearly as bumpy as Rudy’s. Heck, I even made the travel squad a couple of times my senior year as trailers for the movie hit TV and word got out about the story, teammates began calling me Rudy. The Sunday before my last game in Muddy Waters Stadium, I went with a buddy to see the movie in Jackson. It was inspiring and sure I saw some similarities to my past 4 years, but the real magic for me didn’t happen until six days later.

We were pretty much having our way with a fledgling Northwood program. The “Northmen” were led by former Hillsdale great Pat Riepma, a man I deeply respect as a coach and as a person. Time was winding down and as a Charger victory became inevitable, Matt Perl (78) started the Rudy chant on the sideline just like in the end of the movie. Jack Heppinstall threw me in on the kickoff team after a touchdown and I played out one of the last series of the season. I had only made maybe 4 legitimate tackles all season. (You get more on the stat sheet if the girl keeping tackles is expecting a dinner date after the game…just a little inside info for you current Chargers.) But, just like Rudy I made the tackle on the game’s  last play. Nobody carried me off the field, but of all of the hundreds of tackles I had made since Kindergarten recess, that one during “mop up” time still remains my most memorable.

I now teach elementary Infotech in the Hamilton Community School District near Holland in West Michigan. My wife Kim and I have a great Little Charger. We live out in the sticks with 2 horses and a pony. We love traveling and all that living 6 miles from Lake Michigan has to offer. The Good Lord has truly blessed us !

I hope you find Chargerblue.com to be just a little piece of that great spirit that makes Hillsdale College Football one of the great small college programs of all time.

Here is to another great  season,