Chargerblue’s Andy Losik and the Veldheer family release “Stay in the Game”, a story of Jared Veldheer’s path to the NFL and Arizona Cardinals

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Jared Veldheer is one of the top left tackles in the National Football League but very little of his path to the Arizona Cardinals is what you might expect.

“Stay in the Game” follows Jared’s journey of being a brainy, over-sized kid who often found it hard to fit in to an athlete discovering his many talents. It didn’t “just happen” though and without a core set of principles in his life, it never would have. Sometimes the best thing you can do is “Stay in the Game.”

Of special interest to Hillsdale College Football fans is the detailed re-telling of how Jared helped lead the Charger Football program go from struggling to put together a winning season to some of its most monumental moments in program history. Even Raider fans will enjoy a behind the scenes look at Jared’s years in Oakland

It took author Andy Losik and Jared’s parents nearly five years to complete, but “Stay in the Game” is now available in paperback and eBook.

The book targets older kids and the casual football fan but the hardcore pigskin geek will have plenty of material as it also details a lot of the recruiting process, training for the NFL Combine and Draft, as well as some of the inner workings of how the League and teams operate.

The book is available in paperback and eBook through at the following links.

Paperback: $11.14 – eBook $4.99

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