Thursday, March 24, 2005

Chapter 1: Young Man Potter

Here it is! Chapter 1 of my novel "Potter's Wheel". Download away (right click and save for Windows. CTRL click and save for Mac.) and get listening.

In this chapter, we meet the elusive cyber criminal Potter who is about to unleash his biggest scam ever. But, little do four unassuming high school teachers looking forward o a trip to Las Vegas realize that they are the ones who will make it happen.

Look for Chapter 2 to be online the first part of next week. Please subscribe to the feed and plug it into IpodderX or Ipodder Both pieces of software are excellent for tracking and downloading. IpodderX is Mac only. Ipodder works on all platforms.

Hopefully all of this will work. Being that this is just the beginning, there may be some bugs to swat. Bear with me and enjoy the story. Please leave your thoughts on the story by commenting below or email me.

Monday, March 07, 2005


Welcome to Potter's Wheel - The Podcast! Each week, I will podcast another section of my Las Vegas based novel "Potter's Wheel". Leave your feedback and email me with comments or thoughts you have on the book or adventures in Vegas.

For the past seven years, world-class computer hacker Potter has been breaking into one computer network after another, stealing personal identities, and ruining lives with a little device he calls “Potter’s Wheel”. After becoming bored with his electronic syphoning, Potter sets his sights on something bigger and zeroes in on the perfect group of unknowing pawns to make his mission happen.

Chuck Fagan and three of his teacher friends from the quiet little town of Riverton, Michigan can’t wait to get to a conference in Las Vegas, but some very vocal colleagues know nothing good will ever come from a place called Sin City. Despite the cries of outrage, Chuck and friends make it to Vegas only to step right into the middle of Potter’s scheme.

When the teachers realize something is amiss and a creepy pursuer winds up dead, they decide they’ve had enough adventure. Getting home proves impossible when news of a huge casino heist breaks, naming them prime suspects.

Too scared to turn themselves into authorities, the quartet heeds its instincts and flees. Secretly navigating Glitter Gulch while trying to find some way to prove their innocence turns into the gamble of their lives.

"Potter's Wheel" is yet to be published. Agents or editors interested in pursuing this project are encouraged to email me.

The first episode of Potter's Wheel the Podcast will be up as soon as I have all RSS and iPodder feeds squared away.