Andy Brown: The voice of the Hillsdale Chargers – Hillsdale Collegian

When Lecturer in English Andrew Brown begins his Great Books class, he usually starts a discussion about the weekend’s Charger football game.Brown has taught an English course each semester for a few years, but he’s spent more than half of his life as a broadcaster for Charger football. So after he tells students to stop leaving games at halftime, they’ll launch into Macbeth.

In addition to covering Charger football and men’s and women’s basketball games, Brown hosts a sports talk show every Tuesday night. On “Time Out with Andy Brown,” he features local coaches and high school players before chatting about state sports with co-hosts Rick Arsenault or sophomore Martin Petersen. One of Brown’s three sons, Sam, is the show’s co-producer.

Article: Andy Brown: The voice of the Hillsdale Chargers

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