Charger Parents::Ashland Tailgating Info

Hillsdale vs. Ashland (home)
Saturday, October 15, 2005
Game time: 2:30 PM

Hello Charger fans,

Tailgating will be begin around noon in the grass parking lot west of the athletic building. Bring your main dish, beverages, eating utensils and a small dish to pass. We will be set up in our BRAND NEW TAILGATING TENT thanks to Lenny Stover and the Gridiron Club. This beautiful 18′ X 30′ tent will be set up for all to gather around for home tailgating. Thank you, Gridiron Club. One quick note about this weekend, it’s Parent’s weekend so the campus will be full. Get there early. Also, when you leave the tailgate to go into the game please pick up your dish to pass and either put it away or dispose of it.

Football Banquet: 2005 Football Awards Banquet will be held Sunday, Nov. 6 in the Jesse Philips Arena at 1:00 PM. Buffet dinner will be followed by a special honors program. Dinner reservations are $15.00/person (do not include players in your reservations). Contributions to the football program to offset cost of player meals are greatly appreciated and are tax deductible. You should have received a blue form this week in the mail entitled “Hillsdale College Football 2005 Awards Banquet”. If you did not receive a form or have any questions please call Anita Gordon, athletic secretary, at 517-607-3133. Send reservations by Fri., Oct. 28, 2005.

Team Pictures: Team/individual pictures are in. If you haven’t done so yet, please stop by the Parent Booster table on the way into the stadium. The table will be set up by 1:30 PM on the right hand side of stadium walk, before you get to the ticket booth. This will be the last week for pick up, if you can’t get them Sat. they will be available at the Awards Banquet on Nov. 6.

Tickets: Each person must show ID to pick up their tickets from will call. This is a new conference rule this year.

Apparel orders: For the parents who expected to pick up your clothing last week, I’ve found out what happened. Thanks to the great detective work of myself and Team Sports clothing rep, Tony Scott, we have determined that the order got lost in “faxland”. This is a technical term. But Tony is coming though and will be delivering the order at the tailgate. Check with me if you have ordered clothing to see what I received. This is what should come in: Jersey numbers 5, 7, 11, 26, 48, 58, 66, 78 & 85. Please see me if your son wears jersey number: 25, 29, 84 & 98. I have clothing for you.

Misc: See Nancy Rumsey to get your “Hillsdale Charger Football” rear window sticker for $5.00. See Sandy Balone if you want a mini roster for $2.00 (I only have 5 left). These items are cash and carry, all proceeds go to the football team. There will not be a post game reception at the Roxy Theatre.

Saturday’s weather calls for occasional showers right now. Be good and say your prayers all week and maybe we’ll be blessed with no rain. Nothing ruins a good time at a tailgate like rain! U of M plays at home at 3:30 PM on Saturday, watch your travel times for traffic! Michigan State is away at Ohio State so we don’t have to worry about gridlock near E. Lansing. Travel safely and we’ll see you Saturday!

Go Chargers!!!!!!
Sandy Balone
Hillsdale Parents Booster Club

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