Charger Trainer Struck by Lightning…Already back to Work

Hillsdale Daily News
Friday August 10, 2007

College trainer struck by lightning

Firefighters and emergency responders rushed to Hillsdale College‘s Roche Sports Complex Thursday morning after Dave Frisby, was struck by lightning while inside the building. Frisby is the college’s athletic trainer and is in stable condition at Hillsdale Community Health Center. The other people in the building were not injured.

Update from

Word around Hillsdale is that Dave was standing near an open doorway in the arena looking out toward the football field. Lightning struck across the field near the visitors’ bleachers and then shot across Muddy Waters Stadium toward Frisby, hitting a metal coffee cup he was holding.

Frisby was released from the hospital Friday afternoon and immediately rejoined the football and volleyball teams. That’s called bleeding Chargerblue!

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