Chargers Face a Findlay Program Continuing to Assemble Talent

I spent some time talking to UF play by play man Tim Montgomery yesterday and will have the audio posted today as part of the podcast.

Some interesting stories unfolding at Findlay with this team:

QB Andrew Beam: Transfered from Delta CC in Stockton, CA to Bowling Green where he played in the Falcons’ wildcat package. Then transfered to UF after coaching change at BG for 1 season of eligibility.

RB: Montarae Williams, true freshman RB with over 500 yards to start the year. Sounds a lot like Panizzi in that he runs mainly north and south between the tackles.

DL: Brandon Cornell (pictured), transfer from Louisville who on his 2nd snap for the Oilers tipped an Urbana pass at the line and picked it off. Only a sophomore eligibility wise.

It took some late heroics by the defense to seal the win for HC at home last year and talking to Tim, Findlay feels like that game was one that they should have had. Hope Hillsdale remembers a little bit of that in preparation this week.

Really good game shaping up down in Findlay.

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