College Buys The Lido

Hillsdale College has bought the venerable Club Lido out by the fairgrounds. Actually Saga Inc., the independent company that runs the College’s food service was only looking for the liquor license but wound up buying the whole bar and contents.

Specualation has run rampant as to why Saga needs a liquor license. I seriously doubt they will will open a Bloody Mary Bar with Sunday brunch. Other speculation is that the retirement community in the works will have a restaurant or golf course clubhouse. Saga president Tim Morrison told the Hillsdale Daily News that a campus bar isn’t out of the question but a liquor license would allow their catering and banquet businesses more options.

“We do enough on–site catering not only for the college but also for weddings and the hospital; it will be worth while to have a liquor license,” he said. “Frankly there’s just a lot of people who didn’t want to bother bringing in their own alcohol to have to take it back out.”

According to HDN, “The permit is only good for one building but Morrison said Saga will apply for a banquet permit that will then allow his company to cater in more than one location.

‘Right now my only concern is to get the license transferred and to get it in use over here at the college,’ he said.”

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