Collegian: Cheerleading to return by basketball season

Cheerleading to make b-ball Debut

Besty Woodruff: Hillsdale Collegian

Issue date: 9/17/09 Section: Sports

Men’s Basketball may have cheerleaders for its games this year thanks to a semester’s work from sophomores Chloe Chapel and Ashlee LeCompte. Next week there will be a workshop, followed by tryouts. Chapel and LeCompte hope that everyone who is interested–regardless of experience or gender–will come to the workshop to try their hand at cheer.

“We’re going to show Hillsdale what they’ve been missing,” LeCompte said.

The group is waiting approval from the Student Federation before it can become an official club.

The idea for a cheerleading squad resurfaced last semester; Hillsdale had cheerleading until 2005. Neither Chapel nor LeCompte knew why cheerleading disappeared from campus, though they assume it was due to lack of interest from the student body.

“It’s a shame to have a good football team with no cheerleaders,” LeCompte said.

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