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Ohio Dominican (1-3, 2-3) at #19 Hillsdale (4-0, 4-1)

After an 2-0 start, ODU has come back to earth a bit by dropping three straight. Conversely, an opening weekend loss for Hillsdale has turned into a four-game win streak that has included multiple last-second heartstoppers. If any team in the league has proven thus far that they know how to win close games, it has definitely been the Chargers.

Ohio Dominican Keys:
– More than e’Noff – We talk about ODU RB Mike Noffsinger a lot, but he’s a proven playmaker who has been clawing his way up the list of great backs in this league. With that said, the Panthers need to show a bit more on offense than just him. Last week he was held in check and Tech won easily. The passing game needs to get going.
– Disruption – Hillsdale loves to get a rhtyhm going on offense and basically put you to sleep from there. ODU has to find a way to force some early turnovers, or get a couple of big plays for a loss to derail what the Chargers want to do. If Hillsale is able to churn out first downs and score with some ease early, this one won’t last long.

Hillsdale Keys:
– Run Stop – If the ‘Dale defense has had a weakness this year, they have been prone at times to allowing some numbers on the ground. ODU is a run-first group and they have proven they can move the ball against decent defenses. The Chargers need to keep Noffinger and the shifty QB Jeremy Fudge in check.
– Do what you Do – Hand it to Glendening, spread the passess around. The offense has definitely been clicking, so there’s no sense in doing anything unusual…especially against an over-matched opponent.

It’s Homecoming at Hillsdale, and the faithful should see a favorable result. While the HC offense does start with Joe Glendening running the ball, the Chargers have completed passess to at least nine different receivers in every game this year…ten different in the last three games. That kind of balance should play plenty well against the league’s worst pass defense. Hillsdale 45, Ohio Dominican 21.

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