Duffy Daugherty on Intelligence

While re-shelving some books today at school, I came across an ancient football book called “Basic Football Strategies, an introduction for young players” by Edward F. Dolan Jr. The thing is so old that the introduction was written by Duffy Daugherty…yah, that Duffy Daugherty…the one Muddy Waters’ son Murky played for at MSU.

In the introduction he begins by stressing what I believe is Hillsdale’s greatest asset: brains.

“There is one person in the world who can really make me angry. He’s the fellow who tells me that young men need no more than hard muscles, wide shoulders, and strong legs to play football. In his opinion, brains just don’t count out there on the field.

Nothing could be further from the truth. It is certainly true that you must be in top physical shape if you hope to be a successful player, for football is a rough, body-contact sport. But after a lifetime spent in the game, I can tell you that you’ll need far more than just brawn. You’ll need to have a very good head on your shoulders.”

-Duffy Daugherty, 1976

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