Eat right, get lots of rest, and drink lots of water

During halftime of the Hillsdale – Ferris State football game last Friday night I had the pleasure of joining Andy Brown on the WCSR telecast.

The Chargers were up 17-10 and brand new quarterback Anthony Mifsud was rolling. He had completed 13 of 15 passes for 205 yards and the offense was in a rhythm we had seen many times during the last two seasons that culminated in playoff appearances. Project those numbers out for another half and you have a Mark Nicolet or Troy Weatherhead type night for a kid who hadn’t before taken a college snap at QB.

Hillsdale took the 2nd half kickoff right down the field and turned it into 3 more points.

Then, the elements took over and Mifsud found himself suffering from dehydration. Having played high school football in Arizona where triple digit September practices were common place I know the effects that dehydration can have on the body. Probably my scariest moment as an athlete came one August when I became severely dehydrated during a two-a-day practice. My dad still tells me, “You have no idea how close you were to taking a ride in the meat wagon to the ER.”

It can be scary stuff. It can also change a football game. Matt Bryan gave running the Charger offense his best shot but Hillsdale just wasn’t in sync like they were under Mifsud, ending back to back drives in turnovers that turned the game around for Ferris.

Hillsdale will need that same type of first half performance they got from Mifsud and more this weekend against #3 Grand Valley State. No better opponent to do it against.

Eat right. Get lots of rest. Drink enough water. Beat Grand Valley.

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