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By: HillsdaleCollegian.com

Posted: 10/22/09

We’ll admit it: we were skeptical. Had someone told us before the Oct. 10 homecoming game against Grand Valley State University that we would be writing the next Weekly about football, we would have envisioned a piece about how unfair and embarrassing it was to make our Chargers play the homecoming game against a school that we could not beat.

After all, the last time Hillsdale’s football team beat GVSU’s was more than 15 years ago on Oct. 15, 1994–early enough in Bill Clinton’s presidency for America to still consider him a family man. Most members of Hillsdale College’s class of ’13 were three years old. Respected adults grooved to Boyz II Men with the windows down. It was a long, long time ago.

The team obviously did not deserve the skepticism, but Charger fans made up for it in their spirit after the win. Many alumni, now successful adults, ran around screaming and cheering like children. The devoted tailgaters weren’t the only ones excited-the Tower Players’ production of Our Town began with the Stage Manager congratulating the football team on their huge win, prompting wild cheer from the audience. Campus-wide, skeptics like us were put in our place.

Depending on the outcome of their game against Wayne State on Saturday, Oct. 24, the Hillsdale Chargers could make history again. If they win, they will almost certainly make the Division II playoffs-which has never happened before. That’s right, never.

Wayne State may have a 6-2 record this season, but that shouldn’t cause fans to lose faith in their Chargers. After all, GVSU had won 48 consecutive regular-season games before losing to Hillsdale.

So, Hillsdale-put away your doubts and pick up a beer (or your tailgating beverage of choice) and cheer on your Chargers. They deserve it.

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