Green Out planned at the Superior Dome

When I lived in Arizona, I was a Phoenix Coyotes season ticket holder the first year they were in the Valley of the Sun. One of the traditions they brought from Winnepeg was the the white-out. That made sense…ice…snow…blizzard inside and ice rink. It was pretty amazing to experience.

Grand Valley has held its blue-out. See the play on words? Hillsdale held the student black-out for a night game demonstrating its own creativity. Those are pretty tough colors.

Now Northern is getting into the “out” business with a green-out on Saturday for the Superior Dome. Green-out? Okay. I guess it has a better ring to it that a yellow-out or gold-out. Seems like a white-out would go better with the Northern thing.

Hopefully, NMU player and fan faces will match their green attire when this thing is over.

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