Heavy, heavy hearts surrounding a Charger brother right now.

Running Chargerblue.com for over 12 years now has provided me with the opportunity to share some amazing highlights, especially over the course of the past year. It has also provided a number of low-lights as well. Fortunately, most of those took place on the football field and the beauty of them is that they fade away by the next Saturday or the next season. There haven’t been too many of the truly sad moments to report. Even low points like Jill Shreffler being diagnosed with cancer or this year’s Secret Santa project were able to end with beating the disease or an uplifted family for the holidays. Today is not one of those days…but it can still be to some extent.

I received an email yesterday from 2003 grad and former Charger football player Brian Gephart telling of the fight 2002 grad and Gephart’s teammate Josh Kuntz’ family was enduring. Josh’s wife Sarah was strickened with bone cancer shortly after the birth of their son two years ago. She had fought it valiantly but as the disease lingered, more and more of the family’s life began to deteriorate financially.

A friend of Sarah’s began a website and created a CD as a fundraiser to family. After reading Brian’s email last night, I began to think of all of the ways we the Charger family might be able to help the cause. When I visited Songs for Sarah today, I read the very sad news that Sarah had lost her fight yesterday afternoon.

Josh and his young son need our support now more than ever as he deals with the finality of the fight, the loss of his high school sweetheart, and faces a future as a single father. In the coming days, I will update with more information on how to best support our Charger brother through such a difficult time. In the meantime please visit Songs for Sarah and make a donation.

God bless you Josh. Your Hillsdale family has your back.

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