Hillsdale College Unveils Alternative Helmet

For the first time in over 35 years, Hillsdale will play in a helmet that isn’t blue and doesn’t feature a version of the San Diego…err LA Chargers style lightning bolts.

Hillsdale unveiled via its Football specific Twitter account that it will sport an alternative helmet at times during the 2017 season. No specifics were given as to when the Chargers will wear it, but it will feature a player’s number on one side and the College coat of arms on the opposite side. A single royal blue stripe will go down the middle.

It will be the first white helmet Hillsdale has ever worn. Ever since moving to a plastic shell helmet in the 1940, Hillsdale teams have worn blue helmets, first navy and now royal. For the 1947 season, new head coach Davey Nelson who was fresh from being an assistant in Ann Arbor added the Michigan winged helmet design in white on a navy helmet. Muddy Waters first put lightning bolts on the helmets in the early 1960’s. The Air Force style lasted until Coach Ron Lynch put a script “Chargers” on helmets one year and then went to the Ford/SMU Mustang for a year. Alumni at the time were not happy with the departure and when Dick Lowry was hired in 1980, he promptly returned the bolts to the helmets.


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