Hillsdale Daily News: Steel City Lessons

Rj Walters
Hillsdale Daily News
May 6, 2009

On Friday Tom Korte intercepted a Charlie Batch pass, without even realizing it at first — and at 8 a.m. Monday he was taking the first of several final exams at Hillsdale College.

Such is the life of the former Charger linebacker who is fresh off his first three-day minicamp as an NFL player.

Signed by the Steelers to a two-year rookie contract as an undrafted free agent, Korte said minicamp was an incredible experience, crammed full of foreign terms, a heavy new playbook, and familiarizing himself with teammates and coaches.

He also said it was a whirlwind that was impossible to appreciate because so many thing were happening all at once.

“It was pretty incredible, it was intimidating and new and exciting. It was kind of hard to appreciate it all because things were going so fast and I had to learn the playbook and keep in mind not to act like I was some fan, I’m a player,” he said. “I didn’t get the full experience and I don’t think it has really sunk in yet that I’m going to be with these guys for a while and these guys will be my teammates this summer.”

Full experience or not, he already knows what it’s like to intercept an NFL veteran, albeit at a practice facility without fans filling the stands.

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Photo from Hillsdale Daily News courtesy of Pittsburgh Steelers

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