Hillsdale needs its own Cable or Satellite network

Hillsdale needs its own satellite or cable network.

 It would be great to see Charger athletics in HD. Even bigger for Hillsdale would be to show all of its speakers like the CCA series, happenings at the Constitution center in DC, and other programs it hosts around the country. Old archived speeches could be played as filler. Hillsdale College has always attracted the rock stars of political thought. In our digital society, there’d be no shortage of eyeballs to see those minds in all parts of the United States.

They are extremely successful advertising on talk radio and could direct that audience to their TV network. Hillsdale’s continued existence lies in the generosity of private donations. They could reach a ton of people and by including Charger athletics they would attract a whole new following for those sports which in turn would equal dollars AND players directly to the programs.

The football program gets a handful of kids each year from across the country whose families become fans of the schools through Imprimis mailers and the talk radio ads. It would take an investment in infrastructure and human capital to run and market it, but it could be a 21st century boon for spreading the College’s message and brand. The possibilities are really endless as the channel could also be a tool for Jeff Lantis (former Charger wide out on national champs team) and his Admissions Office to show all kinds of promotional materials.

The old bookstore at one time was slated to become a TV studio. That could serve as Command Central for the HCN, Hillsdale College Network.

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