Hillsdale.net: RJ Walters sits down with Troy Weatherhead

Hillsdale Daily News sports editor RJ Walters sat down this week with Charger QB Troy Weatherhead this week. Here is just a snippet.

Hillsdale Daily News sports editor RJ Walters recently sat down with Weatherhead to discuss the beginning of his career, why Hillsdale is the right place for him and what other than football drives him on a daily basis.

HDN: After a highly successful high school career which generated a decent amount of interest from scouts why was Hillsdale the right choice?

Weatherhead: “After my trip to Hillsdale, I knew on my way home that if I wasn’t going the Division-I route then Hillsdale seemed like a really good place. Deciding was actually a pretty big decision because my senior year I had season tickets to Western Michigan and Central Michigan games and I took an official visit to Western…and their starting quarterback, the coaches son at the time went down with an injury that year and was granted a sixth year of eligibility. But initially they didn’t think he was going to get that sixth year so they offered a scholarship to a junior college kid and they said if they would’ve known a sixth year would be given to him they would have offered it to me. My parents though just told me it was kind of a sign…and they did ask me to come there as a ‘preferred walk-on’ but I’m sure there are a lot of those, so after that I called coach Otterbein right away and told him I was coming.”

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