Hillsdale to Face Red Hot Greyhound Defense

As Saturday’s game at the University of Indianapolis approaches the Hillsdale offense must prepare for what should prove to be its toughest defensive yet this season. The Greyhounds own top defensive marks in several GLIAC categories and have absolutely dominated their last 3 opponents.

Despite all sorts of injuries on the offensive side of the ball, great defense had allowed UIndy to match Hillsdale’s impressive 4-1 record. The Greyhounds have given up just 19 total points in 3 weeks. You don’t need a lot of points to win games under those conditions.

They held Findlay to 15% passing completions, only 6.4 yards per catch, 112 yards of total offense, 3 points, and 7 first downs.

They held Gannon to 6 yards per catch, .6 yards per rush, 5 first downs, no points, and 65 total yards of offense.

St. Joe’s squeaked in 16 points on them in between those two games.

The bright spot for the Chargers is that earlier in the year Indy gave up a ton of points and yards to Michigan Tech in a 44-30 loss. Hillsdale had its best defensive day of the season against Tech, but this is on the road and the road hasn’t been especially kind to the Chargers this year.

Indy will be fired up as they are likely still scratching their heads as to how they lost to Hillsdale last year. It is also homecoming at U of I.

Indy’s coach played and coched at Hillsdale. He’s a fiery guy on his quietest days, so he will be really amped for this one.

I can guarantee that Otter is talking a ton about the last too road outings for the Chargers. If they protect the football and play good defense, then we will be fine.

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