Hillsdale’s defense proving to be one stingy unit late in games

Hillsdale has outscored opponents 110-40 in the second half this year, or 15.7-5.7 ppg. Hillsdale has given up only 23 total points in the 4th quarter. Only 3 have come against the starters (Week 1 at Cal PA). Last score was a TD on 9/22 at Notre Dame late in the game. I have always been convinced Otter coaches two separate games. He and DC Craig Blanchard keep it pretty vanilla in the first half and then put in their adjustments and new wrinkles at half and later when it is toughest to counter-punch. The way Hillsdale has been able to shut people down through the 3rd quarter has played as big of a role in getting back to the top of the GLIAC as they offensive fire power they have. Shutting down an explosive offense will be high on the goal sheet for Hillsdale this week as Grand Valley comes to Muddy Waters Stadium.

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