Hillsdale’s Hixson details Saints Signing

Hillsdale Daily News’ Ryan Czachorski caught up with the latest of three Hillsdale College football players to find a home in the National Football League, Nick Hixson who signed with the New Orleans Saints over the weekend.

Hillsdale, Mich. —

HILLSDALE — Nick Hixson charged into the ranks of the NFL Sunday.
Hixson, the former Charger and standout defensive back and wide receiver, signed a contract with the New Orleans Saints over the weekend.

“It’s amazing,” Hixson said Monday. “My heart was shaking the whole time when I found out. It’s been a long, long process.”

He spent Thursday through Sunday working out with the Saints, and said he was not necessarily prepared for the news.

“I only brought three changes of clothes, and I had to cancel my flight,” he said.

He signed a standard, three-year contract following the workout.
It comes on the heels of  a tryout Hixson had two weekends ago with the Washington Redskins.
He also had an offer to try out as a defensive back with the Saints at the time, but took his shot with the Redskins first.

Washington originally asked him to try out as a wide receiver, which Hixson played during his senior season, then moved him back to the secondary the night before the tryout.
But Hixson said he knew New Orleans was waiting in the wings, as both tryouts were scheduled around the same time.

He said he will fly home Thursday, and then will spend the next month or so working out with the team, and will get a break near the end of June.

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