Hillsdale’s Joe Glendening making a case for a Harlon Hill Nomination

The Harlon Hill Award goes annually to the top player in Division II football. Hillsdale College’s Joe Glendening is making a case for his name to be on the ballot for this season.

Here are his performances so far this season.

Game 1 vs. Ferris State – rushing 29-153 1TD, 3 receptions 10 yards
Game 2 vs. Grand Valley -rushing 32-89 2TD, 1 reception 24 yards 1TD
Game 3 vs. Ashland -rushing  33-101 4TD, 7 receptions 43 yards
Game 4 vs. Lake Erie -rushing  36-139 4TD, 3 receptions 22 yards 1 TD
Game 5 vs. SVSU -rushing  42-244 3TD, 3 receptions 49 yards
Game 6 vs. ODU -rushing  33-262 4TD, 2 reception 72 yards 1 TD

988 total yards, 164.7 yards per game, 18 rushing TD, 36.7 yards per game receiving 3TD

Before Saturday:
Was tied for first in the country with 16 touchdowns, bumped that up to 21 today, pulled ahead of Rashaad Slowley at South Conn. State who sits at 19.
Was 6th in the country with a 144 ypg average, bumped that up to 167 today.
Was 3rd in the country with 200 ypg all purpose average, bumped it up slightly to 201.333

A couple of tough defenses lie ahead in MTU and Wayne. The thing about Joe though is that he comes up biggest in big games.

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