Homecoming Victory!

Andy Brown
Hillsdale Football Play-by-Play
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The Chargers defeated Ferris State 34-14 at homecoming on the hill Saturday afternoon.

Ferris State is a mere shadow of the team that had defeated the Chargers four straight times coming in to the game. Their starting quarterback played only one series. Then their first backup played one series. They ended up sticking with a young man who in the program is listed as QB/K—translated—the bottom of the depth chart. In the end, quarterback C.J. Van Wieren was the least of Ferris’ problems. Their total inability to stop the Chargers’ running game was the real problem for Ferris, and the reason why Hillsdale has something to build on after this game.

Phil Martin and Aaron Scholl both ran for over 100 yards, and Chargers runners averaged over 5 yards per carry in the game. Phil Martin made big plays in the first half to put the Chargers on top, and Brett Neller did a nice job of spelling him in the second half. I think Martin’s ankle is still hurting him, but he will never admit it.

As for Aaron Scholl, he made plays to help Hillsdale win, and he didn’t turn the ball over. He finished with 116 yards rushing. Passing he was 10 of 23 for 100 yards and 1 touchdown. He did take some shots downplayed this week, especially on the very first play of the game on a nifty fake reverse pass. Unfortunately, Scholl missed on that pass, and frankly, several others. However, he won the game and deserves credit for turning bad situations into big gains with his running ability.

How about those Gurica brothers? In addition to shutting down Carleton Brewster for most of the game, Chad Gurica had a 39-yard kickoff return. His little brother Nick Gurica had a 60-yard punt return that set up a Chargers touchdown. The Guricas are playmakers and I love to watch them play.

I am glad that the Chargers showed up to play Saturday. We had an excellent crowd, it was a beautiful day on a beautiful new football field, and for one day, it was great to be a Chargers football fan. Of course, after the halftime festivities, which were partly broken up by a faulty wireless microphone, about half of the students left the game. You know when the girls are showing up in evening gowns, sorority regalia, and summer dresses that there is more than football on the afternoon agenda. Alas, it has been this way ever since I can remember. Once the Chargers put a consistent winner on the field, I’ll bet at least some of the Kappas will stick around for the second half.

Bright Spots: The Guricas!, The New Field, Getting a Win

Needs Some Work: The wireless microphone, the body paint on some of the Independent “fraternity” guys.

Next week go to Erie, PA to battle the Golden Knights of Gannon. We should get our first road win of the season and square our record at 2-2. Dan Bisher and I will be on the air at 6:45. You can listen live on WCSR 92.1 or at www.hillsale.edu.

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