How High Can Nicolet Fly?

Mark Nicolet broke Hillsdale’s single season passing yardage record this past Saturday when he took his 2007 total to 2770 yards, now 106 yards past Mike Gatt’s mark set in 1985 enroute to a Charger national championship.

The most amazing thing about Nicolet’s feat is that he did it in 9 games compared to the regular season and playoff games Gatt needed.

The intriguing aspect of Nicolet setting the record so early is that he has at 2 and possibly more games to push it even further. He has averaged 307 yards per game. Two performances at half that clip still puts him past the elusive 3000 yard mark that no other quarterback in blue and white has been able to attain.

Is 3500 yards attainable? Who knows?

I bet if you ask Nicolet, he would trade it all for a shot at playing on 11-17.

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