Is Muddy Waters Stadium Haunted?

I just got a Hillsdale College yearbook from the early 1940’s in the mail that I bought for 9 bucks on eBay.

Lots of cool photos and articles but the neatest section was a legend about the Indian princess Winona, for whom the yearbook is still named.

She was the great Chief Baw Beese’s first born but didn’t care much for her arranged marriage because she really loved the brave Ash Te Wette. Having had enough of her husband, she killed him with a hatchet.

Having no choice, Baw Beese had to have Winona executed. He disappeared with her body for days.

Years later a female skeleton wearing Winona’s silver cross was found in the lake that bears her name and is located just behind the northeast corner of Muddy Waters Stadium.

The legend says that on an Indian Summer day, if you look out across the lake, you can see the ghostly figures of Winona with Baw Beese standing by her side.

Jerry Glanville used to leave tickets for Elvis and the Phantom of the Opera, Coach Otterbein might want to leave a pair for these guys at Will Call as well.

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