Make it a ChargerBlue Cyber Monday

When I was at the ‘Dale we didn’t have Internet. If we wanted to buy something on the Monday after Thanksgiving we had to walk uphill  to the bookstore or Checker Records in the snow. Oh, and we had to do research papers with mountainous stacks of BOOKS.

A lot has changed in 20 years. Thank Goodness.

Here is the “Blue Monday” from my day.

 Now check out the deals on this “ChargerBlue Monday”.

Follow these instructions:

1. Visit’s Cyber Monday link. 
2. Select your type of apparel or item.
3. Search “Hillsdale College”.
4. Save big!

Every purchase keeps online and supporting the greatest program in the history of small college football.

My favorite deal is $10 off of this kids sweatshirt.

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