More Fun with Chuck: I’ve Got Your Back Ferris State

As part of the Grand Valley and Ferris State rivalry week, a contest was held. Fans were asked to make amusing videos and the best one’s producer would win $250 in prizes.

A Grand Valley student was the winner with a parody of a Britney Spears fan whining “Leave Britney alone.” His “Leave Ferris Alone” was featured at halftime with the Lakers already up 34-0. Ferris fans felt the showing of the video was in poor taste and unsportslike. I tend to agree, especially considering the context of the score and that Ferris players were reportedly coming back onto the field for the second half when it was shown.

So Ferris fans and any other D2 fans, I present this little tribute to Grand Valley coach Chuck Martin for you.

It’s all in fun. I guess I should have entered the contest.

I apologize for forgetting to thank Cowboy Eric at one of the other great D2 fan sites! I “borrowed” the pictures for the galleries.


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