Potter’s Wheel-The Podcast

While you are waiting for the return of Charger football, check out my audio book I am producing at Potter’s Wheel-The Podcast.

Each week or so, I will be adding a new chapter from my Las Vegas based novel and including some commentary on the story.

In the book, a world class hacker name Potter ropes 4 unassuming small-town Michigan teachers into his scam to steal millions from Sin City.

Hillsdale College makes a cameo appearance mid-way through the story when two Sigma Chi’s who are hitting on girls in the Ethan Allen Room learn their dad and uncle Bill Parsons (Hillsdale 1972) is accused of taking down the Excalibur. (He must be working on funding the Gradute School of Statesmanship…or the old folks home.)

Chapters 1-3 are online now for you to download and carry on your iPod or other .mp3 player.

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