Pray for Coach Pat Riepma

As Northwood University’s Athletic Director and Football Coach Pat Riepma has been in the wrong shades of blue and white for 22 years now, but to his former Hillsdale teammates, classmates, and players, he will always be a Charger.

Our Charger brother needs your prayers tonight as he has entered Hospice in his 14 month battle with lung cancer. The former Hillsdale QB and offensive coordinator successfully beat mouth and throat cancer in 2009 and had been cancer free for four and a half years prior to the reoccurrence last April.

Despite his constant treatment regiments, it’s amazing how much he’s contributed to football through it all. Riepma returned to the head coaching duties at Northwood this past season.

I heard from some of his former teammates tonight who had talked with Pat. “He is upbeat and has his Faith.”

“Rieps” is truly one of my favorite Hillsdale people ever. My last game was against NU in his first season after leaving Hillsdale. When that game and my career finished, I walked over to their sideline and he was the first coach I hugged. I was a linebacker and he wasn’t even a defensive coach. He just brought a special energy to the entire program and College. I know he’s still got it and using every bit to help God deliver a miracle.

Please pray for Coach Riepma.

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