Browns GM Heckert talks about Hillsdale’s Jared Veldheer

By Doug Farrar
Special to
Posted Feb 28, 2010

While it’s generally difficult to get a sense of which players a team is looking out for at the Combine, Hillsdale offensive tackle Jared Veldheer should be on every Browns fan’s watch list. Why? Heckert also went to Hillsdale, and he’s had his eye on the talented and highly regarded player for a while. “I really do,” Heckert said, when asked if he had a soft spot for Veldheer. “He’s going to be a drafted player. I don’t know if there has been a drafted player coming out of Hillsdale, I don’t think there has been. That’s obviously exciting. I’ve talked to him. I tried to meet him here last night, but I never got around to it. I talked to his parents about the whole process. This is an exciting time for the school because he’s a big-time player.”

As a taller, quicker player, Veldheer fits the prototype of the Brown’s line at this time, through Heckert and Holmgren generally prefer more power in their technicians. But who knows? There have been worse tie-breakers in selecting a player, and as Heckert starts to put a stamp on his new team, perhaps that’s one way to do it.

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