Some Random thoughts: Still a great day to be a Charger!

“Don’t get mad. Get better.”-Billy Tubbs

No excuses.

Today was an absolute clinic hosted by GVSU.  The 44-27 score won’t look nearly as bad as we all know the game was when we look back at the scores in years to come but Hillsdale has smart kids and they learn from every experience. Today they learned about “playoff gear” and not the kind I sold like mad over the past two weeks on my website.

Iron sharpens iron. Today will make the Hillsdale program stronger.

Chuck Martin, Grand Valley’s head coach said it pretty well in the post-game presser. “They like to play that 3 plays get a first down, slow, methodical game. We kept them from doing that today. Our biggest problem in the first one was we let them dictate and we got in that kind of game with them.”

When Grand Valley can dictate the action, it is often overwhelming.

Probably the saddest part was to see the greatest class of players to come through in a long long time have to end their careers this way. It is pretty amazing to think Aaron Waldie and Tom Korte were the only 2 not redshirted out of the seniors that wore the white and blue for the last time today. Having Mat Szula today would have helped a bit. Wish he could have ended his career on the field and not hurt.

All in all, as bad as this game hurt to watch unfold, every single Charger fan in that place today was still beaming with pride with the type of year we had and believe Otter and crew will continue to deliver.

Fellas you made this football season so special! You energized a campus, a county, and the most loyal alumni base to be found for any small college. We all bled with you today and every single drop was Charger Blue! Remember every second of triumph and every lesson learned along the way.

In the immortal words of Dline coaching legend Bill Karpinski, “Don’t be a flash in the pan.”

Like every day, it is still a great day to be a Charger!

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