To podcast or not to podcast…you tell me

For the last several seasons I have produced a weekly podcast dubbed “The Charger Comment”.

I have featured interviews with Charger players, Charger coaches, even media member like Sean Baligian from the Sean, Terp, and Killer show who calls Wayne State games.

This year as I have increased some initiatives at school in my real job as an elementary technology teacher, I decided to put the podcast on the back burner. To be honest, it was a bit of an experiment.

Each week I wondered how many people were actually listening because I never got much feedback either way, positively or negatively. I wondered if anyone would even miss the episodes.

Today I received a tweet from former Charger QB Troy Weatherhead asking where the podcast was. I gave him the same explanation and he had some really complimentary things to say about enjoying it.

So, I guess some of you guys were listening and I am starting to think maybe I need to fire this thing up again. Let’s do this though. I need to hear from the Charger faithful. What do you want to hear? Who do you want to hear? Give me some ideas for some new features….and oh by the way, if you would like to sponsor the podcast and get exclusive naming rights we can make that happen as well.

Go to the Facebook page and tell me what you think.

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