Who do you want on your team, Jared Veldheer or DeSean Jackson?

Both the Raiders and Eagles won road games in adverse conditions.

Raider tackle Jared Veldheer did what no other offensive lineman in the league this year has done, keep Viking end Jared Allen off the stat sheet for sacks.

Eagle DeSean Jackson was back after missing a week and had 88 yards receiving in the 17-10 over the Giants in the Meadowlands.

Now compare these two athletes’ quotes and tell me which one you want to be your teammate. Which one expounds upon what is right with sports while the other…not so much?

“You have to be a professional about the situation. I know what happened. I just really let my team down,” he said. “What I love to do is to come out and help this team win games since day one since I’ve been here, the playmaker ability, just the spark, the energy I’m able to bring to this team. People don’t really understand the light that I bring and just kind of shine on my teammates.” -DeSean Jackson via PhiladelphiaEagles.com.

Now contrast that to Jared’s reaction when asked about his performance against Allen.

“Every person on the O-line plays a role in that,” Veldheer said. “Every person on the offense plays a role in that, because we weren’t living in 3rd-and-long much. That helps. And being able to operate the no-huddle like Carson does helps. To sit here and say what I did doesn’t do all of those things justice.” -Jared Veldheer via SFGate.com.

Yeah, I think it’s pretty obvious. Give me the guy who is emerging as one of the best left tackles in the game.

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