Xplosion Advance to Division Championship

I had a chance to attend my first Continental Indoor Football League game last Saturday and it was one of the best times I have had at a football game in a long time. Of course winning an Xplosion mini helmet by having my paper airplane land third closest to the cone in the halftime contest was also a big highlight.

Seriously though, talk about playing for the love of the game! Hillsdale’s all time leading passer Bill Skelton led Kalamazoo to a 51-40 victory over Chicago with a fiery performance. Two other ex-Chargers Keith Recker and Dan Musielewicz contributed all over the place on offense and special teams in the win. Sure these guys get a couple hundred bucks a game to play, but the effort and emotion on the field equaled that of players making hundreds of thousands a games. The intensity was quite evident in the fact there were scuffles during every series. One Chicago lineman even took a poke at a fan and a half full Wings Stadium was rocking all night long.

I don’t care how minor league this brand of football is, it is still football played by guys who lay it all out every time they take the field.

One aspect very reminiscent of Hillsdale football was the way Xplosion fans were welcomed down on the field the same way Charger fans can mingle with players after the game.

Kalamazoo plays Friday night in Flint against defending champ Port Huron.

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